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High-capacity NAS device on tap from Procom 
The NetForce 3100HA is a scalable, high-availability NAS device with an initial capacity of more than four terabytes that customers can grow as their SAN requirement increases. 

Disaster Recovery with IPStor 
The disaster recovery (DR) perspective on business continuity goes beyond individual SAN or network components failing or files being corrupted or accidentally deleted. Disaster recovery (DR) planning deals with massive site failure. 

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Fibre Channel technology is finally delivering its promise of a reliable and effective solution for today's communications bottlenecks, particularly in the data SAN marketplace? 
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  Data Disaster Recovery for SMBs
This paper discusses the growing awareness within the small and medium-sized business (SMB) community that business data ? that most valuable of company assets ? is at risk and must be better protected. Concepts such as Recovery Time and Recovery Point objectives, common in the large enterprise, are gaining greater awareness as ways to measure and develop data asset protection strategies.

Steve Zimba, Director, Bellsouth
Mr. Zimba manages BellSouth's SAN and Business Continuity Services where he has led creation of the SAN Enabled Network (SEN) strategy.


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Vendor this Week
Advanced Computer & Network Corporation
Advanced Computer & Network Corporation designs, manufactures and markets high-performance, competitively priced data SAN RAID systems. 


Lost Laptop Data Retriever Druva Updates Platform
Druva SafePoint, data loss-prevention software for Windows-running laptop computers and other mobile devices, has added file-level encryption, NSA-class remote data wipe-out, and improved device tracing. - Enterprise laptop backup and retrieval specialist Druva, one of the more creative company names to come to the fore lately, has released an upgraded version of its product. Druva SafePoint, data loss-prevention software for Windows-running laptop computers and other mobile devices, has added ...

Index Engines Unveils Analytics Engine for EMC Data Domain
The new hardware-software package indexes the content of EMC Data Domain backup images so that user data can be searched and extracted for business purposes. - There are a lot of specialized moving parts in data centers that easily can be overlooked in the day-to-day IT news business. Nonetheless, they can be huge contributors to the mission of an IT department inside of an enterprise. One of these unsung components is the idea of a purpose-built da...

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