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Top Technology Professionals
We welcome you to an exclusive place where we have a competitive list of top software professionals in the IT industry, taking all aspects into consideration, categorized specifically. Emphasis has been laid on the particular and generalized skills of professionals recognized through various dependable data and resources making the list precisely categorized with the mind of making it beneficial to both the developers as well as the companies and other entrepreneurs seeking them.

Techie 100 Selection Criteria 

Tech Experts 
Tech Experts is a specialist for the entire range of solutions and related problems 

Networking Gurus 
Posting in Discussion forums of Techie100 and other related sites will form the basic for the determination in this category. 

Tech Gurus 
Experts who have honed their skills with an area specific skill set and an over all knowledge of the technology based around 

Total IT Experts 
Experts with all round knowledge and experience in the IT sector 

Management Experts 
Leading experts and authorities who have managed and whose expertise is established on the basis of publication of White papers, articles and books highlighting their specific areas of expertise. 

Technical Experts 
Evaluation criteria based on interview covering a whole range of area specific parameters that aims to bring out the best

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