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Success Stories
Memorial Health Savannah
Memorial Health believes the WebOne physician portal powered by Vignette and created by McKesson is achieving its physician relationship objectives. Physicians report that WebOne is a tremendous step forward because it is easy to use, saves time, provides all key resources within a single system and is designed to perform the way physicians work. One physician stated, “I like the fact that I can customize the portal the way I practice,” while another commented, “Finally, I don’t have to be a system expert.”
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Vignette’s Approach to Smart Enterprise Suites
Vignette’s vision is to extend its content management and portal strengths to provide software solutions that deliver the services necessary to build Enterprise Web Applications.

Unifying the Management of Portals and Content
As this trend accelerates, it presents both challenges and opportunities for organizations seeking a competitive edge.

Transforming Your Content from a Liability to an Asset: Vignette?s Perspective on Enterprise Content Management

By Vignette Corporation
Our lives are awash in information. Not only are we drowning in it, but the volume of information?content ?that we are creating is growing at an astounding rate. Ominously, Accenture recently suggested that the next two years will see more content generated than has been created in all of human history.

Organizations today are wrestling with three major issues that affect their document creation/management/auditing capabilities: (1) collaboration, or how to include multiple perspectives, checks, and balances in the document lifecycle; (2) compliance, or how to manage the document lifecycle in a way that satisfies regulators, auditors, and other oversight bodies; and (3) control, or how to ensure every document is subjected to the same policies and procedures. These issues come into play any time a document is created, and in this era of corporate accountability and legal liability, the consequences of leaving them unaddressed can be dire.
Leif Pedersen
Our focus remains on delivering the value of Vignette' s integrated offerings in powering Web experiences, not just Web sites and portals. We help our customers consolidate and manage information and resources that have grown too complex and too disparate.

Repository of IT papers that include white papers, case studies and other technical literatures.
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Vignette 100
An innovative competitive ranking list on leading technologies featuring  top 100 professionals in Vignette


CRM magazine 
CRM magazine is a business solution publication written for executives responsible for moving the enterprise toward a customer-focused approach to help businesses build stronger?and more profitable?customer relationships.

Content Management Bible
Description :

As the Information Age dawns, the information at our disposal expands haphazardly. The Content Management Bible answers these key questions about the system readers might employ to control the expansion of information.

ISBN : 076454862X
Published Date : 2001-12-15
VML/Vignette Dialog Marketing Seminar Series - New York
Location : NewYork, NY
startDate : 05-14-2003 to 05-14-2003
Don't miss this opportunity to discover why dialog -- or integrated marketing can be so critical to your company's success. Join Vignette and VML for a free seminar and discover how to raise your organization's dialog marketing effectiveness. Learn how the right integrated marketing programs, combined with Vignette's powerful new software, can take your company' s dialog marketing efforts to the next level.
Product Spotlight
Vignette® Content Management
Vignette® Content Management provides applications, workflows, and templates to manage content, sites, content types and objects, and deploy and deliver information.

Web Browser Security Gets Tighter
A report from Cenzic as well as the exploitation of Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer during the recent Pwn2Own contest at CanSecWest underscore the need to keep bolstering browser security.Web browser developers have responded by tightening security in te face of continued vulnerability to Web exploits....

Analysis: The Born Digital Document Market
What is your company doing to collect all those emails, PDFs, and other documents that never get printed? Regulators want to know....

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