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SAS® Customer Relationship Management Solutions
SAS Customer Relationship Management Solutions are designed to give you the knowledge you need to develop and implement smarter customer strategies and maximize customer profitability.

Detecting Claim Fraud and Improving Product Quality

Globally manufacturers spend more than $70 billion to cover warranty expenses each year, but that is only the beginning of the true costs associated with poor product quality and suspect warranty claims.

  Predictive Claims Processing

For years insurance companies have concentrated on improving their operational systems, such as policy, claims and billing, often neglecting the vast amount of information that is held within these applications. Insurance is a data-rich industry, and the claims process is no exception, with a huge amount of information collected on each claim. Analytics can help insurance companies mine this data to improve their combined ratios and gain competitive advantage.


White papers
Repository of IT papers that include white papers, case studies and other technical literatures.
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SAS 100
An innovative competitive ranking list on leading technologies featuring  top 100 professionals in SAS
SAS Products
Business Intelligence, SAS® Customer Relationship Management Solutions, Data and Text Mining, enterprise minerTM, Better Healthcare Outcomes through Strategic Intelligence, Query and Reporting, Applications Development, SAS®9, SAS Learning Edition 4.1

Doing well by being rather nice

By Jim Goodnight
THE ritual of handing out free M&Ms every Wednesday began accidentally, when an assistant collecting supplies accepted a big bag of the chocolate sweets as a substitute from a local grocer who had run short of change.

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Quarterly magazine offering expert columns, insightful features and timely articles for business and IT decision makers

Business Intelligence Certification Guide
Description : The IBM Professional Certification Program offers the certification to become an IBM Certified Solutions Expert ? Business Intelligence.

ISBN : 0738415111
Published Date : 2000-01-10
Data Mining ? Fool' s Gold or the Mother Lode?
Location : Online
startDate : 08-31-2010 to 08-31-2010
Every day, organizations struggle to wade through the vast amounts of data they have accumulated. In order to turn their data warehouses from repositories to sources of information, they are using data mining to build models, predict trends and discover patterns. But much can go wrong in the data mining process, even for trained professionals.
Product Spotlight
Business Intelligence
SAS Business Intelligence takes advantage of SAS' integrated architecture to deliver accurate, consolidated enterprise information at the right time, to the right people, in the format they can best use.

SAS ends forecasting guesswork for ODEC
Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) lowers its customers monthly electric bills by using SASĀ® Analytics to streamline its forecasting.

SASĀ® Marketing Optimization produces ROI for Commerzbank
Commerzbank increased profitability of its direct marketing program by 55 percent using SAS Marketing Optimization.

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