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Graphic Computer Solutions, Inc
Using DeKlarit to develop the first .NET Integrated Justice Information Solution.
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DeKlarit Bundles
DeKlarit turns Visual Studio .NET into a RAD tool for the business logic and data layers. 

Database Management System
A collection of programs that enables you to store, modify, and extract information from a database. There are many different types of DBMSs, ranging from small systems that run on personal computers to huge systems that run on mainframes.

Object-Oriented Development in a Relational World : Applying DeKlarit
The relational database (RDBMS) has earned its place as a key part of our modern technological society. The RDBMS is an essential part of almost every business?s back office, from the cash registers at K-Mart to the largest accounting systems at the IRS.
  The DeKlarit Pet Shop application
The purpose of this study is to take the Microsoft .NET implementation of Sun?s primary J2EE blueprint application, the Sun Java Pet Store, and implement the same functionality using DeKlarit for the middle and database tier.

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The section featuring interviews with Top level Management, Experts and Customers

Repository of IT papers that include white papers, case studies and other technical literatures.
Read through the most frequently asked Questions on Deklarit


Oracle Magazine 
Oracle Magazine offers road maps to help database administrators, developers, and IT decision-makers innovate with new technologies. Get insight from top analysts, in-depth technical articles, business features, Oracle and third-party product news and more from the definitive source for information on the use and development of Oracle products.

SQL : A Practical Introduction

Description : A book for Structured Query Language

ISBN : 1-85554-357-5
Published Date : 1994-05-01
Product Spotlight
DeKlarit turns Visual Studio .NET into a RAD tool for the business logic and data layers.

Finding the Source of Your SQL Server Database I O

There are a number of ways of measuring and identifying I O-related performance information for your SQL Server database instances.< p>\n",NULL

Using Autoextend to Increase Oracle Database File Sizes

Autoextend can save DBAs precious time by allowing Oracle to automatically increase database file sizes to a pre-determined limit.< p>\n",NULL

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