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Knowledge Management Vendors Go Vertical 
Tough times in the technology industry have prompted some players in the knowledge management arena to develop solutions or suites aimed at specific verticals. By developing a solution that meets a certain business need within a vertical, the vendors believe they will be able to offer potential buyers a stronger value proposition, and a measurable return on their investment.

Ariba Buyer
Ariba Buyer, an integral part of the Ariba Spend Management solutions, securely automates the full buying cycle for improved enterprise-wide management and tracking of spend operations.

Priorities and Challenges in Spend Management : Procurement managers and executives share their most important and challenging priorities

By Ariba Inc
What?s top of mind among procurement executives as they prepare for 2007' Ariba polled more than 550 procurement professionals representing diverse industries, roles, company sizes and geographic regions to understand their spend management priorities and challenges for the coming year. In addition to an executive summary of the findings, the Ariba survey provides unique insights into the spend management priorities and challenges for 14 different industry sectors

  Aribaź Spend Management On-Demand Solutions for Companies of All Sizes

By Ariba Inc
Companies of all sizes share the same challenge: How to meet the growing pressures from inflation, globalization, and regulatory compliance on their business while effectively managing costs and delivering more savings to the bottom line. By providing a combination of low start-up costs, low IT resources required for startup through maintenance mode, rapid on-time implementation and quick access to the latest solutions, on-demand solutions are successfully meeting today' s challenge.


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Repository of IT papers that include white papers, case studies and other technical literatures.
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Ariba 100
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Manufacturing and Logistics IT Magazine 
: Subscription to Manufacturing & Logistics IT Magazine is FREE to qualifying individuals with a mailing address inside Europe.

Enterprise Knowledge Management
Description : A precise yet adaptable methodology for defining, measuring, and improving data quality and managing business intelligence. This one-of-a-kind book begins by laying out an economic framework for understanding the real business value of data quality.

ISBN : 0124558402
Published Date : 2001-01-21
LIVE 2003
Location : Hollywood, Florida
startDate : 05-12-2003 to 05-15-2003
LIVE 2003 Hollywood, Florida is the event. Enterprise-wide control of your spend is the goal. Engage your spend. Achieve that and you will be well on your way to achieving the breakthrough bottom line results that your company is seeking.
Product Spotlight
Ariba Buyer
Ariba Buyer, an integral part of the Ariba Spend Management solutions, securely automates the full buying cycle for improved enterprise-wide management and tracking of spend operations.

Androids Dream of Electric Malware, Wake Up in Cold Sweat
Google has reportedly pulled several Android mobile applications that were lousy with malware from its official Android Market. This follows a report earlier this week from Lookout Mobile Security, which claimed it found dozens of apps in the market that contained malicious code.

Windows 8 Preview Reveals Major UI Metamorphosis
Microsoft began its Windows 8 publicity blitz in earnest Wednesday, previewing an operating system that appears to break from the norm in more ways than one. It has a tile interface similar to that of Windows Phone 7, it will run on PCs and tablets, and it will support both touchscreen and mouse-and-keyboard interactions.

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